Running a home office in a Passive House.

I work for an US IT company and am fortunate to be able to work from home. At the moment I work from home for 4 days each week. Back in early March when I started home working before the family moved it I noticed that the office temperature might be 16-17 degrees at 8am. This is too cool for sitting at a PC so some heat would be required to bring the root up to an acceptable office room temp. I found that once I switched on the lighting and powered up my equipment that after approx 1 - 1.5  hour the room would be a a very comfortable 20-21 degrees. My own body heat was also acting as a heat source.

I deliberately positioned my office as a north facing room to avoid overheating. This has worked very well the only disadvantage is I dont get as much sunlight. If the room gets too hot during the day I simply open the window for a half hour of so. I have installed a seperate UFH electric circuit and thermostat in my office so I can control the temp during winter if needed.

Overall I am very happy with my home office. In my previous house I always struggled maintaining a nice temperature in the offic as I would find I would need to switch on the central heating to drive a radiator in the office which would then increase the temperature too much. This meant I would then be subjected to a cold breeze when I needed to open a window to try to keep the temperature down.

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  1. Hi Declan

    What about noise levels in the house?. I too have two small kids and would be working from a home office...
    Is it ...about the same as your old house or a little noisier?