Moving into a new house with no heating!

We moved into our new house on 19th March 2011. I had been using my home office for 2-3 weeks prior to this and based on this I felt that we might not need any heating. On the day before we moved it I switched off all 5 of our underfloor heating circuits, these have remained off since then.

Our Solar system is providing all of our hot water via 5.2m2 of Sunking Evacuated Tubes with a 400Ltr Solar Tank.

The only heat sources in the house are
1. Occupants - 2 adults and 2 kids
2. Appliances
3. Passive Solar heating through the Triple Glazed windows
4. Heat released from our 400ltr Solar Tank.

Our REC Temovex 400S-EC air handling unit is performing the vital function of providing fresh air but in doing so it also performs heat recovery so that the warm "dirty" air being extracted from inside the house is being use to pre-heat the fresh air being drawn in. This helps maintain the house at a comfortable temperature.

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