Build Costs

Groundwork's including site preparation, supply & install of well with pump, rainwater harvesting & sewage treatment = €40,000. If you have a serviced site then you will not incur these costs.

Construction costs on prepared site
  • Insulated Raft to Scandinavian Homes specification.
  • House supply & materials to fit-out includes UFH, Heat Recovery Ventilation,
  • House Shell erection
  • Fit-out includes external render, internal partitions, taping & jointing, air-tightness detail, carpentry, install of HRV, roofing, guttering etc.
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
Total :- €248,000

With gross floor area - 206sqm = €1200 per Sq.m or €110 per sq.ft.

Note: This figure also excludes solar, tiling, painting, kitchen, furniture, legal fees, architect, BER, air-tightness testing, driveway, landscaping.

For further details please review the Scandinavian Homes Pricing & Buying Guide


  1. Hi Declan

    Thanks very much for putting up this excellent blog. The photos and information are a great help.

    Your house looks great. We are considering a Scandinavian Passive home. We spoke to Peter Flaherty on their most recent build in Cellbridge and were very impressed.

    Just doing the sums now to see if we can afford it!

    regards, Luke Fannon Roscommon

  2. Hi Luke,

    I wish you all the best. It's a big decision particularly in these times.

    I can say after 9 months we are very happy with our Scanhome and feel we made the right decision.


  3. Declan,

    Thanks for publishing your blog, very interested reading.

    Would you be able to provide an estimated cost for the solar element to the home? And also the supply & install of well with pump, rainwater harvesting?



  4. Hi Patrick,

    The solar kit (u-tubes, pump station etc) cost approx €2500. The cost for fitting + 400L solar tank was included with the overall cost of plumbing my house.

    The cost of a private well will depend on primarily how deep the drilling company needs to drill. I would estimate I spent approx 7k on well, well liner, pump, water treatment. My well is down approx 360 feet. If memory serves me correctly you should expect to pay approx €10 per foot.

    For the rainwater harvesting I have a Rainman ( Give the guys at Shay Murtagh a call for the latest pricing. You will also have the cost of ducting to take the water from your downpipes to the tank and the additional grounds work to dig out for the tank.

    Hope this helps.


  5. Thanks Declan.

    This blog has really sold me on the idea of a scanhome. They are very open with their prices which is important in this day and age, so I'm trying to put a estimate on the stuff that scanhome do not supply (like the solar etc.).

    Thanks again,


  6. Patrick,

    Pricing was also a major factor in my decision to go with Scandinavian Homes. On my first meeting with the bank I was told to get my figures right and not to come back looking for more funds. Therefore having a very accurate build cost was extremely important for me. Lars has a tried and tested costing method for his homes. Peter & John can also give exact costs.

    All the best.


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