Installation of Heat Recovery Ducting & Insulation in attic

This week Peter and John were back in the attic. The ducting for the Temovex HRV is being installed. Per the Scandinavian Homes instruction manual all ducting must be wrapped in insulation even though there will be 600mm-700mm of blow cellulose installation. This is an important detail to ensure the performance of the heat recovery and ensure heat-loss through the ducting is minimized. Lars explained that the top of a warm duct can be as close the cold air in the attic as 165mm. The cellulose insulation is low density near the top and
convection movements of air can take place within the cellulose insulation unless the duct is wrapped with insulation. Scandinavian Homes supplies a special duct insulation for all bungalows. In houses with converted attic-space this never becomes a problem because the ducts are located inside of the heated envelope of the house. In other words, heat losses from ducts take place within the joists of the upstairs floor and in the void-space on both side of the upstairs.

In total 320 x 13kg Warmcel bales will be blown in. 320 x 13kg = 4160kg = 4 metric tonnes.Flaherty and Goaley now have their own equipment so can supply and install.


  1. There are lots of new materials and techniques being developed in attic insulation as the years pass by. You just have to select the right contractor who can insulate your attic, and even your whole house, properly. Its been three years now, and I hope you maintained the efficiency of your attic insulation. :)

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