Heating & Heat Recovery Ventilation

Our house will be heated using the following means
1. Electric Underfloor Heating: 1 x 2295W 130m circuit for living area and bedroom
2. Electric Underfloor Heating: 4 x 270W 15m circuit to bathrooms, utility & home office
Controls: 5 x Devireg 535 Timer & Thermostat

The 130m circuit is installed primarily to help the raft dry out and boost the heat in the house once we move in.

Heat Recovery Ventilation is via a REC Temovex RT 400S-EC supplied by Scandinavian Homes. All ducting to be insulated and sitting inside 700mm blown cellulose insulation. This unit included a 900W after heater with bypass to ensure not Heat Recovery during warm weather.

Heating will in run using Night saver electricity on a Dual Tariff Meter.  Total 4275W which is equivalent to two typical oil filled radiators.

Lars Pettersson has calculated that we can expect the peak heat demand of <5W/m2. i.e. With reference to the Scandinavian Homes Show House he expect real usage 3.2W/m2 so for 196sqm x 3.2 = 627W. Which would suggest that only the 900W heater in the HRV is required to heat the house to 21 degrees on the coldest day of the year. Bearing in mind a typical 2 slice toaster uses approx 800W-1000W


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