Costing & Purchasing our Scandinavian Home.

Once we had a design we liked it was a matter of sending the drawings to Lars who was able to give a costing (usually within 24 hours). For a conventional house it was take 2-3 weeks for a builder to provide a quote.  Lars confirmed that he had several builders who could complete the fit-out of a Scandinavian Home to a turn-key finish.

We spoke with Peter Flaherty of Flaherty & Goaley Contracts (who erect the houses for Scandinavian Homes).  Peter took us to see two houses under construction and we decided that we wanted them to complete the fit-out. Once again it was a simple matter of sending the drawing to Peter & John who were able to quickly provide a fit-out cost.

We also met with James Kearney of Rostaff Developments. James is employed by Scandinavian Homes to construct all foundations for Scandinavian homes. James is also a builder with many years  experience and we asked him to visit our site and quote for groundwork's.

At this point we were able to get a very accurate build costs.  This was vital when dealing with the bank.

We engaged Niall Kearns or Niall J. Kearns & Co. Architects to complete and submit our new planning application (under a change of house plans). Our application was submitted on 14th May 2010 and on the 6th July 2010 we were granted permission. We were keen to starting construction as soon as possible so were delighted that Niall managed to get permission on the first attempt. 

On the 7th July we signed the contract with Lars to build our house.


  1. Hi Declan. This is very interesting as we have just started our own build. We have the site cleared and the foundation layer ready to recieve the Insulated framework. We plan to get as close to the passive standard as cash available allows. You don't actually mention what your budget or costs have been. Maybe you don't want to post them here just yet. Is there any way we can connect direct.
    best regards


  2. Hi David,

    I have posted some information in a new blog post at

    You can contact me on 086-8130094 if you want some more details.

    All the best,


  3. Hi Declan

    Thanks for keeping such a great account. My house is arriving on January 18th please God and after reading this I cant wait.


  4. Hi Eleanor. Glad you found this blog useful. Best of luck with your new house. declan

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